Booty Gong Screenshot

Booty Gong

Now Push Enabled!!!

Have you ever wanted to let a friend know after you've had a successful booty call? Now you can with "Booty Gong"!

Simply press the "Ring the Gong!" button and select whether to ring your own Gong (for you self-gratifiers) or to notify a friend.

Choose your friend's e-mail address and an instant Booty Gong will be sent to them notifying them of your experience.

*Note: Your friend must have an iPhone with a compatible application (Booty Gong or Wooo! Button) installed in order to receive notifications. Although Booty Gong is compatible with the iPod Touch, you must have an enabled network connection for it to receive alerts. The iPod touch loses its network connection fairly soon after going to sleep if it is not charging. In our tests, if an iPod Touch is being charged, it will not lose it's network connection and alerts are received.

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