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Separate Checks

Separate Checks is simply the best check splitter / tip calculator of its kind and will most likely pay for itself in one use.

How many times have you gone out to dinner with a group of people where someone didn't pay enough? Someone always ends up overpaying and it's usually the person taking care of the bill.

We give you Separate Checks...

Separate Checks is not your mom's tip calculator. In fact, it's not really a tip calculator (although it can do that too). Separate Checks is a check splitter.

Most tip calculators take the amount of your bill and divide it evenly by the number of people in your party. Everyone ends up paying the same amount. People end up paying more than their share and others get away with paying far less.

Not any more!!!

Simply enter details about your check and Separate Checks will show you the exact amount each person more, no less.

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